How To Start Your Etsy Shop with 40 Free Listings

Hey there! I'm Taylor Walden, and I'm the owner of SimpleSentimental on Etsy. We have over 30,000 sales on the platform and love selling on Etsy, so I am excited to see that you are wanting to start a shop as well! To get started, I'll share with you a few quick tips and 40 free listings! If you want even more advice from our top 1% Etsy shop, you can purchase my digital download guide to Etsy!

Before starting your shop, there's a few things Etsy requires you to have ready. 

  • An account with Etsy
  • A name for your shop. Keep it short, easy to pronounce, and catchy. Try adding words like "boutique" or "collective" to the end of your shop name if the one you had in mind is taken
  • Have ONE item ready to sell. Take high-quality photos of your item and have a price in mind. Don't forget to know how much your item weighs when shipped, if you know the weight then Etsy will calculate the shipping price for you!
  • Have your bank information ready ready with a routing number, this is how Etsy will pay you


Let's open your shop! Click HERE for 40 free listings!

(I will also get 40 free listings, it's a win-win!)


Now that you've opened your shop, let's work on some shop photos and logos. Canva is a great tool for this! They even have templates designed to be Etsy banners. Pick a few colors that you want to represent your brand and use them in your banner and shop profile photo. Keep in mind that in order to have a cohesive brand, you should be repeating these colors and any fonts throughout your Etsy shop photos and your social media accounts for your shop. 


Next, let's look at your listings. Start out with at least 10 listings. The more listings you have, the more traffic that will be coming to your shop. For your listing titles, try to use phrases and words that you would search to find that item on Etsy. For example, if I was trying to find a monogram decal for my new insulated cup, I might search "monogram yeti decal" or "vinyl monogram". In your descriptions, describe your item as if there were no photos of it in the listing. Describe what it is made of, how it is made, how to care for it, how to use it, etc. as well as shipping information. If the customer needs to leave information in the notes to seller box, make sure they are aware of that. Maybe even consider making a section of your listing description "To Order:" or "How to Order-". For your photos, be sure to use natural lighting and stay away from flash! You can use a DSLR camera or even the camera on your phone to take listing photos, just be sure to focus by tapping the screen when shooting on your phone. Show your product in the same way the customer would use it. For example, if you are selling prints, show the print framed on a wall or on a table in your listing photos. If you are selling cake toppers, show the cake toppers in or on a cake. This helps the customer picture themselves using your product! 


Tell your customers about yourself! Talk about why you started your shop, what you're passionate about, where you get your inspiration from, or anything else you think would interest them about your shop. Letting customers behind the scenes gives them a "small business" feel. When shopping online, customers sometimes can't tell the difference between your Etsy shop and a large vendor. Show them that they are supporting your dream by purchasing from you with your shop story.


Start a few social media pages for your shop. I would strongly recommend Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. These are three popular social media platforms that allow you to post frequently and interact with your customers. Remember that when you are posting on your shop social media, you are posting to reach your customers. Try to put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself what they would like to see. Also remember this when using hashtags in your photos: what hashtags are your customers looking through?

 With these tips, I am confident you will have a solid foundation for your Etsy shop! For more details on different aspects of running a creative business or an Etsy shop, check out the rest of our blog posts!