Engagement Photo Session Ideas

Engagement Photo Session Ideas

Nick and I took our engagement photos at Goose Creek State Park in Washington, North Carolina with Montana Burkett Photography! It was such a fun session. We actually didn't plan on getting in the water, it was a spur of the moment idea and the pictures turned out beautifully! Below are some of my favorite photos from the shoot with a few ideas for your engagement session. 

Make use of natural light

Schedule your shoot in the late afternoon/evening to make the most out of natural lighting. Toward the end of our session, the sunset gave the sky a pretty orange/pink color that you'll see later in the post.


Use signs or props

I made this sign just for our engagement session, but we'll also have it on display at our wedding! Signs or other meaningful props can add a fun twist to your pictures. If you are using some of your pictures for your save the date, consider making a sign that says "Save the Date" with your wedding date on it!

Try moving around

Don't just stand there! Walking or dancing can give your photos a more natural, unposed look. 

Make it personal

Talk to your fiancé about special moments in your relationship during your session. It could be your first date, the first time you said "I love you", or even your proposal. During this shot, Montana asked Nick to talk to me about a special moment like that!

 Get comfortable

Don't be afraid to get cozy! We actually ended up using one of these photos for our save the date because it looked so natural.

Try something different

Like I said before, getting in the water was not something we had planned on doing, but I'm so glad we did. These were some of my favorite photos from our session. Everyone said it reminded them of the Notebook! We had a great time taking them in the water, and it really showed in the pictures. For your shoot, try something a little outside of your comfort zone! Taking engagement photos doesn't have to be boring, it can be something adventurous and fun.