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Why You Should Propose to Your Bridal Party

Why You Should Propose to Your Bridal Party

I know what you're thinking, it's just another wedding expense. You're already spending money on the wedding itself, and you don't want to spend any more than you absolutely have to. But trust me, no matter how much you spend on proposing to your bridal party, it is well worth it. Here's why.

They deserve it!

These girls are some of your closest friends. You've made countless memories together, and now they are about to take part in one of the best days of your life. Let's face it, as brides we tend to ask a lot of our bridal party. They're paying for our bachelorette party, buying bridesmaid dresses (That we love but they probably secretly hate, but they act like they love it because they love you), and spending countless hours helping you prep for the wedding. Show them how much you appreciate them with a cute proposal and gift.

You want them to feel special!

This one is especially true for your maid of honor or matron of honor. You have chosen them as your right-hand gal for your big day. Planning a small proposal and gift really shows how much you care about them, and how excited you are for them to stand by your side on your big day.

It's insta-worthy!

All of my bridesmaids IMMEDIATELY put it on their instagram! And I mean immediately. They were ready to show off their cute cards and wine glasses, and show off that they were going to take part in my wedding! It was really cute to see them so excited about their gifts and the proposal itself.

The ~memories~

The look on their face is priceless. For me, my girls were tearing up and so excited to be a part of my big day. Most of them knew it was coming, so the gift was a nice extra surprise for them. It was a great start to what will be a really fun season of life for myself and my closest girlfriends.

Whether it's a handwritten card saying how much they mean to you as a friend or a $50 gift set, proposing to your bridal party in a special way is so worth it. You'll remember it forever, and so will they.

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