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Simple & Sentimental is known for our best-selling gift boxes, drink ware, ornaments, laser cut signs & cake toppers, engravings, clothing, and so much more! We have an Etsy shop, our website, and a local boutique where we serve our customers. Our quick turnaround times, excellent customer service, and personalization allow us to create the ultimate gifting experience!


Simple & Sentimental started as my hobby. I would make gifts in my freshman dorm room at East Carolina University in the fall of 2016. In December, I started listing products on a modest Etsy shop, and orders suddenly poured in. We really knew we were onto something when we launched bridesmaid proposal boxes. Around one year and 3,000 sales later, we hired our first employee and began operating out of an office that wasn't in my bedroom. Now, what began with a Black Friday purchase has turned into a 2,600 square foot production and over 25,000 sales on Etsy in two years. My husband Nick and I love working together to make people across the world smile. Simple & Sentimental has and always will be my passion, I just can't wait to see where it takes me next.

-Taylor Walden