USS Connecticut Ammo Can Gift Box

Personalize this gift set with a last name, which will be featured on the ammo can and BrüMate Trio. If you don't want to include a name, you can type "N/A" in the personalized text box and we will not include a name on the ammo can or BrüMate Trio.

These ammo can gift sets come preassembled and ready to gift with a BrüMate Trio and 1 add-on item of your choice. Our ammo cans feature text on the opposite side of the engraved design reading "M80 7.62mm", but some may be labeled for other military ammunition calibers or equipment in white or yellow lettering. These are authentic ammo cans. Expect minor surface rust, light dings, and scuffs from handling are possible on some of the cans, but the vast majority are in excellent condition. Evidence of outdoor storage or environmental exposure is possible to include light rust or water stains. Each ammo can is unique and their evidence of real-life use add to the authenticity of each can.

We donate a portion of each sale of this item to the USS Connecticut Family Readiness Group.

  • This fundraiser ends on Monday, October 18 at 11:59pm PST. Items will start shipping out soon after the fundraising window closes.
  • Coupon codes cannot be used on fundraiser items such as this one. We make each item to order and do not accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations. We appreciate your understanding.