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How to Plan The Perfect Christmas Proposal

How to Plan The Perfect Christmas Proposal

christmas proposal

Planning the Perfect Christmas Proposal

Planning a Christmas Proposal is popular, but we've got the best tips on how to make your proposal as unique as your relationship. In this blog, we'll be sharing our best tips from planning all the way to popping the questions!

Did you know that December 24th and 25th are two of the most popular days to propose? I mean, it is "the most wonderful time of the year" for a reason. Christmastime is symbolic of love. You spend time and make memories with the ones you love most, what better time to propose to the one you love the most?

christmas proposal

What are the important details for your proposal?

The first step in planning your Christmas proposal is to decide what the most important details in your proposal are. Is the date important? Do you really want to propose on a certain day, like December 25th? Or is there a special location, certain people you want to attend, or even a specific time you want to propose at? These are all examples of possibly important factors to include when planning your Christmas proposal.

Once you have narrowed down the day and rough time, who's going to be there, and other important details to you, it's time to pick a location!

christmas proposal

Choosing a location

Is your bride to be dreaming of a romantic proposal with beautiful photos to cherish the moment forever? If so, take that into account when choosing your proposal spot. Or maybe your (almost) fiancé enjoys intimate gatherings and would prefer if you proposed somewhere private. You might just want to propose while decorating the tree with a marriage proposal ornament!

Another factor to consider with location is the sentimental value. Is there a way you could incorporate your favorite date night spot, the place where you asked her to date you, or other important locations in your relationship or lives? 

Lastly, think about weather and practicality. Will the weather be comfortable at this location, and is there a scenic area you can propose at?

christmas proposal

Set Up & Decorations for Your Christmas Proposal

Now that you know who is attending your Christmas proposal and where it will be located, you can work on decorations and set up.

Think about how you could incorporate sentimental items from your relationship, like photos or items saved from past dates or experiences. Would she like to see you incorporate rose petals, candles, or other romantic decor? Twinkle lights are a great way to keep things well-lit for an evening proposal, and they add to the overall Christmas feel.

Consider hiring a photographer or asking a close friend to take photos during and after your proposal. This way you can cherish that special moment forever!

christmas proposal

How to Pop the Question

Now for the most important part, how will you pop the question!

Be sure to include an element of surprise into your proposal. Whether the entire thing is a complete surprise and she has no idea, or she thinks you're taking her to get photos done but you're really proposing, surprise her! It makes the moment more memorable and exciting.

christmas proposal

Simple & Sentimental creates marriage proposal Christmas ornaments ornaments perfect for popping the question. You could decorate the tree for the holidays, like you probably do each year. But this year, you surprise her with a new ornament to hang, like this Will You Marry Me Engraved Ornament shown above, then propose right there.

Sharing the News

Once you two are officially engaged, don't be afraid to share the news! Reach out to close family and friends to let them know first before posting on social media, then share your favorite photos and exciting moments so your community knows that you're tying the knot!

Christmas Marriage Proposal Ornaments

Simple & Sentimental offers a variety of marriage proposal ornaments, perfect for using in your proposal, or to use as a keepsake of your Christmas proposal!

Marry Me Proposal Engraved Christmas Ornament

christmas proposal

This Christmas proposal ornament is part of our Milestone Collection. The elegant and simple design features an engagement ring in the center. You can customize the color of the ring and add your own custom text and date on the bottom!

Will You Marry Me Personalized Proposal Christmas Ornament

christmas proposal

This colorful Christmas proposal ornament is the perfect way to pop the question and remember the special moment when you said "yes!" each year. Customize this ornament by adding your names and the year you proposed!

Personalized Will You Marry Me Glitter Christmas Ornament

christmas proposal

You can't have Christmas without glitter! This handmade glitter ornament is the perfect way to pop the question during the holidays. Continue to hang this ornament each year as a sentimental piece reminding you of the day you got engaged.

Personalized Will You Marry Me Engraved Christmas Ornament

christmas proposal

Propose with this engagement ring shaped engraved Christmas ornament! Personalize it with your bride's first name. It's sure to become a keepsake for years to come. Picture yourselves hanging the same ornament you proposed with for years to come!

Will You Marry Me Personalized Proposal Christmas Ornament

christmas proposal

Propose to her when you're hanging Christmas ornaments on the tree using this floral proposal ornament! You can even tie your engagement ring into the ribbon to incorporate it.

Will You Marry Me Glitter Christmas Ornament

christmas proposal

This ornament gets straight to the point, will you marry me?! Propose to your best friend using this handmade glitter Christmas ornament.

Santa Paws Will You Marry Dad Dog Bone Engraved Christmas Ornament

christmas proposal

The best proposals always have a wow factor, or in this case, a "woof" factor. If you're incorporating your furry friends into your Christmas proposal, this ornament is a must! Santa Paws would approve.

Mommy Will You Marry Daddy Proposal Christmas Ornament

christmas proposal

Are you including your children in your Christmas proposal? This ornament says it all and includes your entire family in this special moment. Have your child hand-deliver it to mom for the ultimate Christmas surprise.

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