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Seasonal Positions

Gift Maker


Each winter we hire the finest gift makers in all of Eastern North Carolina! The job title says it all. S&S Gift Makers help us make personalized gifts to send out all around the world!

Whether you're tying string on ornaments, popping up shipping boxes, organizing orders, writing gift messages, or even operating one of our gift-making machines, you'll be working on a team to create some of the most personalized and unique holiday gifts ever. All in all, if you love gifts, have a positive attitude, enjoy working with your hands in a fast-paced environment, and are a quick learner, you will have snow much fun at this job.

A typical day for a gift maker really varies. Each gift maker often becomes an expert in a certain area, whether it's gift-box making, printing ornaments, creating decals, making tumblers, etc. and spend their day creating that type of gift. Each day could be different, but our experienced production staff will train and help you along the way.


  • First-time Gift Makers are paid $9 per hour. Returning Gift Makers (if you worked for S&S seasonally and are returning for another season) are paid $10 per hour. Pay is distributed biweekly via direct deposit.
  • Each Gift Maker has a tree-mendous opportunity to work full-time at S&S long-term after their seasonal position! If you are interested in this opportunity, let us know in your application.

The Schedule

  • Gift Makers begin work in mid-November and wrap up (get it?!) on December 30th. Simple & Sentimental is closed on Saturdays and on Thanksgiving Day, December 23-26, and December 31-January 2. So don't worry, yule be home for Christmas. But, Gift Makers must be available almost all other days during their seasonal job!
  • November 15-24 is when Gift Makers train. Their schedules vary, but will be between the hours of 7am-5pm Monday-Friday.
  • Beginning on November 28th, all employees move to a day/night shift schedule. Day shift is Monday-Friday 6am-2:30pm with a 30 minute lunch break, and night shift is Sunday-Thursday 2:30pm-11:00pm with a 30 minute dinner break. 

Qualifications & Skills

  • Must be available to work between 20-40 hours per week within day or night shift schedules (see previous section for details).
  • Able to lift 50 lbs. and stand for long periods of time.
  • Excellent eye for design and detail.
  • Have a positive attitude + be ready to take on a challenge!
  • Be a quick learner.
  • Enjoy a fast-paced work environment.


    Interested in this position? Email your updated resumé and availability to with the job title you are applying for as the email subject line.

    Open Full-Time Positions

    Creative Designer


    The Creative Designer is responsible for all things design at Simple & Sentimental. Their creativity and innovation drive their projects, ranging from daily order designs to new ideas in product development. 

    They are efficient, on trend, and have a passion for gift-giving. They prioritize a high-quality design output while considering time-management and efficiency. For example, the Creative Designer has firm deadlines set for new product collection launches and plans out benchmark goals to track their progress. They utilize their time-management skills to create beautiful, on-brand, modern gift designs within tight deadlines.

    A typical day for the Creative Designer looks like arriving at the office to begin designing that day’s orders for the production team. On a typical day, they’re done designing orders within 2-3 hours and begin working on product development projects. They come up with new design ideas for personalized gifts at Simple & Sentimental, ranging from Christmas ornaments to gift boxes and tumblers. They come up with meaningful products that resonate with people using their creativity. Once the designs are created digitally and are approved, the Creative Designer creates digital mockups, has samples made, and works with the Website Specialist to get the products listed for sale online.


    • Design daily personalized gift orders for production in an efficient manner. (Example: Using pre-made templates and changing out personalization info and submitting a production-ready file in a timely manner).
    • Work at a pace matching or exceeding average production times set by supervisors.
    • Work alongside the sales team to create custom designs for clients.
    • Utilize and update the Design Operating Manual as well as any design templates used for daily orders. This ensures all designs are standardized and ready for efficiency.
    • Create new, creative, and innovative print-ready designs for personalized gifts, working within tight deadlines.
    • Lay out production files designed for efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Photograph and digitally render product photos that are designed to attract and impress customers.
    • Use creative skills to assess current trends and customer needs, then update product designs accordingly.

    Qualifications & Skills

    • Must be available to work from 7am-4pm Monday-Friday in-office
    • Advanced in Adobe Illustrator
    • Proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign
    • Strong management and communication skills
    • Strong analytical skills
    • Excellent eye for design and detail


      Interested in this position? Email your updated resumé, portfolio/past work, and references to with the job title you are applying for as the email subject line.

      Who We Are


      To help people show love and appreciation through convenient, innovative, and meaningful gifts that honor God.

      Core Values

      People First

      Great vision paired with the wrong people will produce poor results. Our people are our greatest asset, and each person plays a vital role in the success of the company. We care for our people not as a business resource but on a human level. Treating one another with love, kindness, and respect is key in the development of our business and the personal experience each person has at Simple & Sentimental. We care about who touches our business, what matters to them, and the people that matter to them.

      Work Environment

      A workplace thrives when it is filled with encouragement, positivity, and respect. Our team comes into work each day ready to optimistically pursue their part in the mission of Simple & Sentimental, knowing their team is there to cheer them on and support them.


      Honesty is essential to creating trust within our team and our customers. We do the right thing no matter what. We are transparent by communicating internally and externally with candor and respect.

      Think Big

      Being the world’s leading personalized gift company requires that we are constantly innovating and pushing ourselves to do better for our team, our suppliers, our customers, and anyone who touches our business.

      Customer Success is Our Success

      When customers win, we win. We are on the same team with the same end-goal in mind: creating an unforgettable moment that makes someone feel loved. We are willing to go above and beyond to serve our customers. When faced with a hurdle, we jump.


      Our work culture stems from our mission and core values. We exist to help people give great gifts, and we strive to be the best at it. 


      Simple & Sentimental started as a hobby in Taylor Walden's dorm room in the fall of 2016. 5 short years later, it has grown into a nationally recognized personalized gift company with hundreds of thousands of customers, one of the top-performing Etsy shops in the world, and countless personalized gifts. 

      For our team, this kind of growth looks like constant innovation, opportunities to come up with new ideas and engage in company growth, and career growth within the company. As we grow we focus on promoting from within and helping our team grow personally and professionally along with the company.


      If you're going to spend most of your life working, you might as well have fun doing it. At the S&S office, you'll find us playing games at lunch, playing games + competing to have another tally put next to our name on the company game board, and pulling a prank or two (or five) on our coworkers. We have annual competitions like "Conspiracy Theory Day" where each staff member creates a powerpoint on a conspiracy theory and presents to one another to see who has the best argument. Every Friday is "Disney Friday", where the production team plays Disney music all day and watches a Disney movie together at lunch.

      We get our work done and we do it quickly, efficiently, and effectively, but we like to have fun while we're doing it. If you've got a positive attitude, a good sense of humor, and a great work ethic, you'll fit right in.


      While we strive to create excellent gifts and be the best at what we do, we know that work isn't everything. Our leadership team strives to help all employees have healthy work/rest balance. At Simple & Sentimental we offer unlimited sick leave, paid vacation, and paid holidays. Most retail companies are open on holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but not here. We are closed and pay our team on all major holidays because we know how important spending time with family is to our team.

      Most weeks, full-time employees work no more than 40 hours per week. That doesn't mean that we don't crank out extra hours during our busy season or work extra to catch up, but the majority of the time our team is able to get their jobs done within 40 hours. At the end of the day, our team works together to get the job done and helps one another to do so.