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How to Celebrate a Birthday in Quarantine

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Quarantine

How to celebrate a birthday in quarantine

How to Celebrate a Birthday in Quarantine

COVID-19 has been present in the United States for some time now. Many Americans have had a birthday during the pandemic. But many of us are still left wondering, how do you celebrate a birthday in quarantine?

Today I'm sharing my favorite ways to celebrate a birthday in quarantine. Whether you are celebrating in person or virtually, these ideas will make the birthday guy or gal feel special on their quarantined birthday.

Send a Gift in the Mail

how to celebrate a birthday in quarantine

Send the birthday gift you would have given them in person, or get a gift made for a quarantined birthday!

Receiving hand written notes and packages in the mail is always exciting. It's even more exciting when you aren't expecting it! Sending your birthday gift via mail is a surprise for the recipient and allows you to celebrate them safely.

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Throw a Virtual Party

how to celebrate a birthday in quarantine

You can still celebrate together from a safe distance. Get a list of names and emails from the birthday boy or girl and schedule a video call on the day of their birthday.

To make it feel like a party, provide a unique party image for each attendee to set as their background. This could be a photo of balloons, a party, or a photo of the group hanging out in person. Everyone having the same background helps make it feel like you're in the same place.

Next, have everyone attending the virtual birthday party grab a dessert, or an alcoholic drink (if they're old enough). During the party, you can "cut the cake" then have everyone enjoy their dessert. If you choose to have drinks, guests can give toasts and "Cheers" to another year!

A virtual party is a great way to celebrate a birthday in quarantine. Popular and free video call services include Zoom or Google Hangouts.

If you really want to get-together with a lot of people, plan a gathering after your local area's restrictions are lifted! A simple "TBA" announcement will let people know that you'll be announcing the date of the celebration later.

Make a Birthday Wishes Video

quarantine birthday

Can't get everyone together for a video call at the same time? Make a pre-recorded video of birthday wishes instead!

Ask the birthday guy or gal's friends to send a video wishing them well as they begin this next year. They can remind them why they're thankful to have them as a friend, reminisce on old stories, or just wish them a happy birthday.

Be sure to include specific instructions when asking people to submit their video. This will help the videos stay consistent. Some examples of instructions to add are below.

  • Film the video in a horizontal format (or vertical if you want the end video to be portrait style!)
  • Suggest a specific amount of time for the video, like 15 seconds or 1 minute
  • Ask them to record the video in a well-lit room with no background noise
  • Provide a date that you need the video by

Want to see more celebration ideas?

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