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10 Things to Include in an Engagement Gift Box

10 Things to Include in an Engagement Gift Box

Engagement Gift Boxes are all the rage now! Getting engaged is possibly the most memorable thing that can happen in a couple's life (besides the wedding day of course!) The day they are engaged is the first day of the rest of their lives. It should be celebrated by everyone!

We have compiled a list of the best 10 things to include in an engagement gift box for the lovely couple in your life! Everything on this list can be mixed and matched so it will fit exactly to the wants of the happy couple!

  1. Congrats Foiled Gift Card
  2. Personalized Wine Tumbler
  3. "I do" Can Coolers
  4. Personalized Ring Dish
  5. Shower Steamer
  6. Champagne Gummies
  7. Sweet Grace Candle
  8. Personalized Pajamas
  9. Personalized Tall Tumbler
  10. Personalized Insulated Mug

1. Congrats Foiled Card

Signature Congrats Foiled Card and Envelope

Including a personalized card in the gift box is a MUST! Cards can include a classic congratulations message, a funny quote, or the couple’s last name. This is a great way to let the happy couple know just how much you love them and how you simply can't wait to celebrate them!

2. Personalized Wine Tumbler

Happy For You Engagement Gift Box

A custom wine tumbler is the cutest addition to an engagement gift box! Wine tumblers can either be engraved or printed. This means there is no decal or vinyl so they are top rack dishwasher safe. Our wine tumblers can be personalized to say anything you want; whether it be the bride-to-be's new last name, a funny quote, or their wedding date, the wine tumbler will surely make her smile!

3. "I do" Can Coolers

Congrats Deluxe Engagement Gift Box with Wine Tumblers and Can Coolers

These can coolers are a funny yet very functional gift! This add-on is great if you want to include the groom-to-be in on the gift box! This add-on is also available in standard "Bride" and "Groom" can coolers. They can be included in our Congrats Deluxe Engagement Gift Box alongside personalized wine tumblers.

4. Personalized Ring Dish

Congrats Deluxe Engagement Gift Box with Ring Dish and Can Cooler

Our best-selling ring dishes are the perfect addition to an engagement gift box! Ring dishes are perfect to keep precious jewelry safe while showering, exercising, sleeping, etc. They can be personalized to include "Mr. and Mrs.", the bride-to-be's new last name, the date of the wedding, and more! 

5. Shower Steamer

OMG You're Engaged Engagement Gift Box

We all know wedding planning can be very stressful. By including a shower steamer in your engagement gift box, it will allow the bride a chance to take a break and pamper herself while planning the best day ever! Shower Steamer scents are available in Peppermint + Rosemary + Lemon and Vanilla + Lavender.

6. Champagne Gummies

Congrats Greenery Engagement Gift Box

Pop the champagne, she's changing her last name! Not only can you incorporate champagne into the card, but also the box. Since it is a little difficult to send actual champagne, we've added champagne and prosecco gummies as an option to all of our engagement gift boxes!

7. Sweet Grace Candle

Beautiful Bride Deluxe Engagement Gift Box with Oyster Ring Dish and Candle

The Sweet Grace candle would make a great combination with our shower steamer to give the bride-to-be a relaxing getaway from wedding planning. Let her fill home with a sweet warm aroma of sparkling tea and patchouli with this amazing candle! There is also a Grey Afternoon Retreat candle with notes of teak, sandalwood, amber, fresh bergamot, and lime.

8. Personalized Pajamas 

Congrats Future Mrs Engagement Gift Box with Pajamas

What better way to remember this exciting time than personalized pajamas?! This a great option for bride-to-be's who love to relax and snuggle up in cozy PJ's. Available in a short and long sleeve option, these pajamas are a great way to incorporate her new last name on to a meaningful gift!

9. Personalized Tall Tumbler

Soon to Be Mrs Deluxe Engagement Gift Box

If the bride-to-be in your life prefers a tall tumbler for iced coffee, water, or tea, the tall tumbler is perfect for her! All tumblers can be engraved or printed. This means there are no stickers or decals and they are all top rack dishwasher safe. These can also be personalized to include her new last name, the date of the wedding, and more!

10. Personalized Insulated Mug

Ugly Cry at Your Wedding Deluxe Engagement Gift Box 

We also have the option of including a personalized insulated mug in our engagement gift boxes! Like our tumblers, our insulated mugs can be engraved or printed on making them top rack dishwasher safe. This option is great if the bride-to-be enjoys a warm cup of coffee to start her day!

10 Things to Include in an Engagement Gift Box

Getting engaged is what every little girl dreams of. Show the bride-to-be or couple in your life how excited you are for their new adventure! An engagement gift box is the perfect way to kick off an exciting new time in a happy couple's life. These gift options can be mixed and matched in different engagement gift boxes, so be sure to include items you know they will love!


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