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“The entire team at Simple and Sentimental made the fundraising process a breeze. We were able to customize our fundraiser with specific items and designs that were created for our organization, and collaboration was encouraged throughout the entire process. I would 100% recommend S&S to any group looking for fundraising ideas.”

-Ellen Arick, President, USS Maryland (Blue) FRG

“Our fundraisers with you have made supporting our families possible, and we wouldn’t have been able to forge a spouse / significant other community without it. We are very grateful and hope S&S is able to provide a mutually fruitful partnership with FRGs worldwide.”

-Erica Nalbone, Former Treasurer, USS Springfield FRG

“You are fantastic and it has been an amazing pleasure to work with you and communication was the best. I’ve done plenty fundraisers in my time as a cheer coach/cheer program coordinator and this has been my favorite ever. It was so simple and stress free. We can’t wait till our next one.”

-Adri Carrazco, Vice President, USS Ronald Reagan FRG

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