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Bright Salt Marsh Garden Flag - Brittany Rawls Art

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Introducing the Bright Salt Marsh Garden Flag - a stunning piece of artwork designed to bring a touch of nature's beauty right to your backyard! This exceptional garden flag showcases an exquisite painting of a serene salt marsh, created by the incredibly talented artist, Brittany Rawls Jones. Hailing all the way from the charming city of Greenville, NC, Brittany's passion for art truly shines through in every brushstroke.

Made with love and care, this garden flag is brought to you by the esteemed crafters at Simple & Sentimental. They take great pride in providing you with the highest quality home decor items and this flag is no exception. With its premium quality materials and attention to detail, you can be assured that this flag will withstand the test of time while adding a delightful touch to your garden.

What's truly enchanting about this flag is that the beautiful painting is printed on BOTH sides. That's right, no matter where you look, you'll always be greeted by the breathtaking artistry. So whether you're admiring it from your patio or your neighbor gets a peek from their side of the yard, everyone can enjoy the captivating charm of this flag.

Please note, the flag pole is not included with the purchase. However, fear not! Finding a pole to proudly display this masterpiece is a breeze. Simply head on over to your favorite garden supplies store or even take a browse online to find the perfect pole that suits your style and preferences. This is a standard-size garden flag and fits most garden flag poles.

So don't wait another moment, add a touch of coastal elegance, serenity, and conversation-starting allure to your garden or flower bed. Embrace the enchantment of this beautiful salt marsh and let your outdoor space become a true work of art.

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  • This garden flag measures at 17 1/4" long and 12 1/2" wide
  • The design is professionally printed on both sides, ensuring that it's both beautiful and long-lasting.
  • A pole for the flag is not included, however it is a standard size flag and fits most garden flag poles!

    Brittany Rawls Art


    Brittany Rawls is a talented Eastern NC artist with beautiful hand-painted artwork featured in this item. Check out more items printed with Brittany's Artwork in our Brittany Rawls Artwork Collection.


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