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Fruits of the Spirit DIY Project

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Looking for a fun project to do during your time indoors? This project is perfect for kids ages 1 to 101. 

When your project is done, hang it on the wall after! *Please note that we do not provide hanging materials so your project can lay flat while you work on it, but strong command strips or sawtooth hangers do a great job!

About This Project
  • This listing includes:
    • A 18" wide 1/4" wood board
    • The 9 fruits of the Spirit with varying sizes
    • 1 wood cross with "The Fruits of the Spirit" engraved
    • A printed sheet of instructions and tips
    • Please note that no paint or hanging materials are included!
  • Our professionally laser cut fruit of the Spirit cut outs are made with ⅛” thick wood. They are sturdy, but can break if dropped or handled roughly.
  • The circular board measures at 18" wide.
  • The sizes of each name vary, but they can fit on the board in a variety of ways.
  • These laser cuts are made by hand with love. Slight variations should be expected.
How To 

How you use this project is really up to you! Use this project as a date night activity, something to keep your children occupied on a day indoors, a family activity, or a way to familiarize yourself and others with scripture in a new way.

  1. Paint the back of your board (if you would like to)!
  2. Paint each name. If your cross is engraved, we recommend leaving it unpainted so you can see your engraving clearly. We recommend acrylic paint to paint the pieces of wood, but other types of paint work as well. When painting, less is more. Try to not leave globs of paint on the names. But remember, this is intended to be a fun DIY project, so it's okay if it gets a little messy :)
  3. Once your painted wood is fully dried, glue the pieces around the board. Place them pretty close together so they all fit! See listing photos for ideas on placement. Make sure you lay out the names on your board before you start gluing to make sure they all fit. Use a strong liquid glue like wood glue or super glue to glue each piece on. To apply the glue to the names, we recommend using a cotton squab / Q tip so there isn't too much glue on the back.
  4. After your sign is assembled and dried, you can hang your project with sawtooth hangers if you would like, or lean it up against the wall on a dresser or table. You can also get a small easel for it. The options are endless!