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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $35!


Godfather Proposal Deluxe Gift Box

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$57.00 - $65.00
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Ask your best friend to be your child's godfather with this godfather proposal gift box! The godfather to be will love all of the personal touches that this box includes. This box comes preassembled and ready to gift!

What's included?

  • White Photo Box measuring at 11"x4.5"x7.5". These boxes are very sturdy, they are not your typical gift box. They’re actually meant to hold photos!
  • 'Best godfather ever made to endure' with a name, year and location printed on the box lid
  • White crinkle paper
  • "You drink too much, & lack good morals, who better to be my child's godfather'' card and envelope
  • A drinkware item of your choice with his initials printed on it!
  • A brown leather ornament engraved with 'Best Godfather Ever'