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Bourbon-Themed Christmas Gift Boxes

Bourbon-Themed Christmas Gift Boxes


The Overton Group, real estate company based in Greenville, NC


In 2019, The Overton Group gifted a bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup to their top clients and board members. They received such a great response, the owner wanted to take it a step further in 2020. He sourced other bourbon-themed items to go with the maple syrup in 2020’s Christmas gift. While he had the items ready, he wasn’t sure how to present them in a way that tied them all together or how to ship them safely. 


The owner brought our team the different items and we developed a custom-made wood gift box to fit the items perfectly. The wood box allowed the gifts to be easily presented in person or shipped to recipients securely. To add a custom touch, we engraved the Overton Group logo on each wood box lid and on the bottles of bourbon included in the gift boxes. We shipped some of the boxes to recipients who lived out of state, and the Overton Group picked up the remaining boxes to deliver them in person.


The project exceeded the Overton Group’s expectations and helped them strengthen relationships with their board members and key clients. The owner proudly displayed one of the gift boxes in his office, and even sent one of the complete gift sets to the manufacturer of the maple syrup to show the impressive display of his product.

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