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Top 7 Best Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

Top 7 Best Bridesmaid Proposal Box Ideas

top 7 best bridesmaid proposal box ideas

Picking The Best Bridesmaid Proposal Box for Your Bridal Party

Each wedding is unique, and so are your bridesmaids! It's important to consider each of your bridesmaids' personalities when choosing the perfect bridal party proposals.

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The best part about bridesmaid proposal boxes is how customizable they are. You can really build them to fit each of your friends and what their interests.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about how to pick the best bridesmaid proposal for your friends:

  1. What is my budget for each gift?
  2. What are some common interests that my bridesmaids share?
  3. Do I want to incorporate wedding colors and themes?
  4. Are there any matching items I want the bridal party to have at wedding events? (Think matching robes, tumblers, etc.)

Bridesmaid proposal boxes are the perfect way to “pop the question” to your girls! Here are 7 of our favorite bridesmaid proposal box ideas from Simple & Sentimental.

1. Signature Bridesmaid Proposal Box

First up is our signature bridesmaid proposal box. Because this box has been a bestseller since its launch almost two years ago, it had to come in first on our list.

Like each of our bridesmaid proposal boxes, the box itself is a photo keepsake box. Our gift boxes are made for more than just giving, they are designed to hold photos and other mementos from special occasions. And the box features a metal name plate that can be used by the recipient to label the box. On the box lid, we personalize your bridesmaid’s name in the color of your choosing.

Another key component of this box is the wine tumbler! Our 14 ounce wine tumblers are insulated and double walled. They are great for keeping wine cool, but many people also use them for coffee and hot tea. We only personalize the wine tumbler with her name instead of including her title in the wedding, that way she can use it long after the big day. The wine tumbler includes a clear acrylic lid and a straw as well!

Bridesmaid proposal box

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

2. Blacked Out Bridesmaid Box

This next gift box is a new favorite among brides to be who want a less traditional look. As you may already know, black is not a typical wedding color. When you think of weddings, what colors come to mind? Popular wedding colors are white, champagne, blush pink, and other lighter shades. But brides today are looking for ways to make their big day stand out from the rest. The dark contrast of black with traditional wedding colors can set your wedding apart!

The “Blacked Out” bridesmaid proposal is a show stopper. The black color scheme of this box is so subtle and sleek, perfect for a modern wedding. Its main feature is its tall tumbler. The tumbler is matte black with a glossy black design. The double walled and insulated tumbler is perfect for keeping water cool or coffee piping hot. The tall tumbler is accented by a mini bath bomb, black photo box, black and white card, and black crinkle paper.

Black bridesmaid proposal box

Black Bridesmaid Proposal

3. Completely Custom

One of our newer additions to the shop is the customizable wedding color scheme bridesmaid proposal box. Over the years we have customized many bridesmaid gift boxes based on wedding color schemes, and we wanted to make it easier for brides to be to make their bridal party gifts match their wedding colors.

This box can be customized exactly to your liking. First, you can choose the ribbon color, then the tumbler color, the foil color, what’s included in the gift, and so much more. Nearly every aspect of this gift is hand picked by you! The options are endless.

Custom Bridesmaid Gift Box

4. The Perfect Box For Fall Weddings

Are you getting married in the fall? Girl, this fall bridesmaid proposal box is perfect for your bridal party! The warm colors and fall-inspired design of this gift is perfect for proposing to your bridesmaids.

Everything about the presentation of this bridesmaid proposal box gives off hints of autumn. The gold and burgundy play off of changing leaves and fall wedding colors, and the white of the box incorporates a wedding feel into the gift.

Fall Bridesmaid Box

Fall Bridesmaid Box

5. From Muggle to Mrs

Harry Potter fans- this gift box is for you! This gift is perfect for Harry Potter-inspired weddings. Everything from the font choices to the color scheme of this box is inspired by Harry Potter. We even included a wand below her name on the box lid!

Harry Potter Bridesmaid Box

6. A Coastal Proposal

Ocean air, salty hair, I’m getting married and I need you there! Surprise your bridesmaid with a hint of your wedding ceremony location with our beach bridesmaid proposal box. The blues and teals of this box are perfect for a coastal wedding. The personalized champagne glass can be used at the bachelorette party, bridal shower, wedding, and beyond!

Beach Bridesmaid Proposal Box

7. A Proposal + Getting Ready Outfit in One

Ensuring that your bridesmaid proposal gift is both beautiful and practical is essential for creating the perfect gift box. This box does it all! Surprise your besties with gifts they can use leading up to the wedding, on the wedding day, and beyond.

My favorite part of this box is of course the pajamas. Our signature bridal party pajamas are perfect for wedding day activities. The top buttons up and the shorts have an elastic band. The button up top works great because your bridesmaids can easily change into their dress after!

This box also includes a champagne label, perfect for personalizing a bottle of bubbly! The listing photo shows Barefoot Bubbly. Their bottles are the perfect shape for our labels!

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Have fun with it!

I hope these bridesmaid proposal box ideas inspire you and encourage you to pick the best gift for your girls! Don't forget to have some fun and enjoy this special time in your engagement. It really is better to give than receive!

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