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12 Dog Mom Must Haves - Dunkin & Paisley's Favorite Things

12 Dog Mom Must Haves - Dunkin & Paisley's Favorite Things

This list of dog mom must haves is full of great dog mom gift ideas, or just a few things to try out with your dogs!

Many of you know I am a dog mom to Dunkin and Paisley. Over the years I've tried many different dog products. This list is a compilation of my favorite dog products, from food bowls to toys and treats. Below are pictures of Paisley and Dunkin if you don't know them yet!

Dunkin, ~2.5 year old terrier mix

Paisley, ~1 year old lab-shepherd mix

1. Remy + Roo Dog Bandanas

dog bandanas

I love these dog bandanas! These are the perfect dog mom gift for anyone who likes dressing their pup up. I got the size small for Dunkin and they fit great.

My favorite part about these bandanas were their shape! The long extended piece of fabric on the sides is perfect for tying around your dog's neck. The bandanas are great quality fabric with cute prints too!

2. Dog Bowl Vinyl Decal

Dog Bowl Vinyl Decal

Personalize your dog's bowl with this customizable decal from Simple & Sentimental. It's always fun to add some personalization to your dog's items. You can choose the decal color, font, and of course the dog name!

3. Dog Slow Feeder

dog slow feeder

My dog Paisley loves food. Her favorite times of the day are meal time, and she won't let you forget to feed her. Not longer after bringing her home we realized that she eats very quickly. She ate so fast that she couldn't keep the food down.

After some research I found slow feeder bowls. After trying a few different options, this slow feeder was my favorite. It's made of hard plastic so she can't eat the bowl itself, and it slows her down so she takes her time eating.

After using the bowl, Paisley has less bloating after eating, less choking, and she is able to keep all of her food down.

4. Cup Shaped Dog Bed

dog bed

Dunkin absolutely loves his cup shaped dog bed! If you dog has anxiety or just likes to snuggle, this dog bed is perfect. The plush interior is great for naps or sleeping, and the high walls make your dog feel secure. Below is a picture of Paisley trying to fit inside of the cup. The bed is definitely better-suited for a small dog, but your big dog might just get jealous.

5. Recordable Buttons

Answer buttons

These buttons are not intended for dogs, but I use them with my dogs! If you have been on TikTok or any social media lately, you have probably seen other people doing the same thing.

Simply record a phrase on the button like "I need to go outside" or "I'm hungry". Then, teach your dog to associate that button with the response. We trained our dogs by putting pieces of food or treats on the button to get them comfortable with pressing the buttons. Then, before we took them outside we pressed the outside button with their paw. Before we fed them, we pressed the food button with their paw.

Paisley loves the buttons. It was a great help for letting us know when she needed to go to the bathroom!

6. Poop Bag Dog Leash Attachment

Poop bag leash holder

If you walk your dog often, this is an essential! This leash attachment holds dog poop bags so you don't have to. No more forgetting dog poop bags or having to carry them in your pockets or bag. 

7. Pet Hair Roller Remover

pet hair remover

This pet hair remover is the perfect dog mom gift idea! Most dogs, cats, and other pets shed hair. This hair remover gets dog hair off of areas that a vacuum cleaner could not. I love using it on throw pillows, couches and upholstery, and blankets.

8. Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminator

Pet fresh carpet odor eliminator

You know that smells that lingers in your home when you have dogs? I can't quite describe it. This carpet odor eliminator does an amazing job of making your home smell fresh, no matter how many pets you have!

Simply sprinkle it on your carpet or rugs, then vacuum it up. Your house will smell AMAZING.

9. Furminator Dog Brush

dog hair brush

If you have dogs that shed, this dog brush is perfect for getting every last bit of loose hair off during shedding season. The furminator is an investment, but the results speak for themselves.

The brush is very easy to clean and makings de-shedding a breeze.

10. Bam'Bones


Both of my dogs are super chewers. It seems like any bone or toy we give them is destroyed in minutes if we don't keep a close eye on them!

These dog bones, aka Bam-Bones, have been great for both Paisley and Dunkin. They last a long time and the dogs love them. They're also easy for the dogs to hold and they clean their teeth while they chew.

11. Kong Peanut Butter

peanut butter

Have you ever tried to fill a dog toy with peanut butter using a butter knife and jar? Most dog moms know this struggle well. 

This dispensable peanut butter is perfect for fill any dog toys or bones. There's no mess, and you don't have to worry about getting dog germs in your peanut butter jar while trying to fill it up.

12. Collapsable Dog Bowl

These collapsible dog bowls are essential for the dog park or long walks. Help your dog stay hydrated without having to carry a large, heavy bowl. These even come with hooks to make them even easier to use.

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