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Godparent Gift Ideas

Looking for some fun godparent gift ideas? Whether you're proposing to your child's future godparents or celebrating a special occasion, this list is full of great godparent gift ideas. From tumblers to gift boxes and shirts, there is a great variety to suit anyone's style or preferences.

1. The Godfather and The Godmother Tumbler Set

Godparent Gift Ideas

This "The Godfather" and "Fairy Godmother" tumbler set is the perfect gift idea for godparents! Each tumbler holds 20 oz and comes in a sleek design. The matte black tumbler has glossy black text reading "The Godfather", and the white tumbler has iridescent text reading "Fairy Godmother". These tumblers are perfect for hot coffee, ice cold water or the godparents' favorite beverage!

2. Godparents Gift Box

Godparent Gift Ideas

This gift box for godparents is the perfect gift that they can use immediately! It's personalized with two custom shirts and two custom insulated mugs.

It's perfect for asking your best friends to be your child's godparents! The box lid reads "Only the best friends get promoted to..." and all of the items inside read "Godmother" or "Godfather". The card reads "Godparents are a gift sent from above, guardian angels that were chosen with love".

3. Godmother Proposal Pop-Up Box

Godparent Gift Ideas

Looking for a gift idea just for the godmother? This pop-up gift box is perfect for asking your best friend to be your child's godmother! The tumbler inside features our popular "Fairy Godmother" design. You can add other items to the box like a bath bomb, shower steamer, candies, and more.

4. Fairy Godmother Shirt

Godparent Gift Ideas

Did you already "propose" to your child's godmother? This fairy godmother t-shirt is the perfect godparent gift idea for her birthday, Christmas, or even on your child's birthday!

5. Godfather Like a Dad But Cooler Shirt

Godparent Gift Ideas

This godfather shirt pairs perfectly with our fairy godmother shirt above! Gift it to your child's godfather on a special occasion or when you ask him to be a godfather.

6. Will You Be My Godparents Gift Box

Godparent Gift Ideas

This adorable gift box proposes to your godparents from your child's perspective! It features two custom mugs and a personalized box lid proposing to the godparents-to-be.

7. Godmother Proposal Gift Box

Godparent Gift Ideas

Any godmother would say yes to this lovely gift box! Surprise her with this deluxe gift box featuring a drinkware item of your choice reading "fairy godmother" and other goodies like bath bombs or shower steamers. The hand foiled card is the perfect touch to this godmother proposal gift.

8. Hada Madrina Shirt

Godparent Gift Ideas

Does your family or your child's godmother primarily speak Spanish? This shirt reads "fairy godmother" in Spanish. It's the perfect gift for a Spanish-speaking family or godmother!

 9. Gold Theme Fairy Godmother Proposal Box

Godparent Gift Ideas

This gold-theme fairy godmother proposal gift box is great for asking your best friend to be your child's godmother! The gold candle has a Sweet Grace scent that smells amazing. The fairy godmother tall tumbler can be customized to your liking. And it's perfect for bringing coffee or water on the go!

10. Fairy Godmother Mug

Godparent Gift Ideas

Does your child's godmother love coffee or hot tea? This insulated mug is guaranteed to keep her favorite beverages hot for up to 4 hours. No more trips to the microwave to reheat her morning coffee or tea!

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