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9 Stunning Cakes Decorated with Cake Plaques

9 Stunning Cakes Decorated with Cake Plaques

What are cake plaques?

Cake plaques are the newest type of cake decoration. Similar to our cake toppers, they are made with acrylic or wood and are used to decorate cakes.

The difference between a cake topper and a cake plaque is the design and placement. Cake toppers are designed with a stick that is used to place the cake topper on top of the cake. Cake plaques do not have a stick and are often attached with icing to the side of a cake.

How do you attach cake plaques to a cake?

We get this question ALL the time. If you are having your cake made by a bakery, have them attach the cake plaque for you. If you are DIY-ing it, there are a few options. 

  1. If your cake has thick buttercream icing on the outside, firmly press the cake plaque onto the side of the cake. It will adhere well on its own.
  2. If your cake is made with fondant or a thinner icing, use a thick icing or Wilton's Edible Glue to attach the cake plaque

Cake Plaque Inspiration

Below are some of our favorite ways to use cake plaques! Many of them are customers who have purchased our cake decorations. Visit the Celebrate Cake Toppers Website to see our entire cake plaque collection.

1. The Perfect First Birthday Cake

Cake Plaque

This stylish cake features a watercolor elephant and fun balloons going up the side of the cake. The gold mirror cake plaque is the perfect accent to this beautiful cake!

2. Magical Macaroons & Rainbow Cake

Cake Plaque

This baker utilized two cake plaques and placed them on two different cakes to wish Peyton a happy 1st birthday! We love the rainbow colors and elegant gold accent.

3. Florals & Watercolor in One Cake

Cake Plaque

This sophisticated cake ties together beautiful florals and a simple watercolor look in one! The shades of blue, bright whites, and simple gold mirror cake plaque make this cake visually interesting with different elements!

4. Iridescent Birthday Cake

Cake Plaque

This cake features metallic confetti and an iridescent cake plaque, the perfect combo for a birthday celebration! Even the horse on top has a party hat on.

5. Mystical Black Cake

Cake Plaque

We're loving the mystical vibes of this cake. The wolf howling at the moon and midnight theme are so unique and fun! The cake plaque shown in this photo is white, a perfect contrast.

6. Rainbow Confetti Cake

Cake Plaque

This is another cake that made use of two cake plaques! The "3" on top shows the child's age and her name is placed on the side of the cake. The mirror gold cake plaques match well with the metallic gold butterflies and sprinkles adorning the cake.

The lovely cake was designed and made by Syndesi Desserts.

7. Elegant Gold Cake

Cake Plaque

This triple-tiered 30th birthday cake is made complete with a gold mirror name cake plaque! We're loving the splash of colors that the flowers bring to this white and gold cake.

8. Cake Plaque + Cake Topper Design

Cake Plaque

Who says you can't have a cake plaque and a cake topper in one cake? This baker used both with this macaroon-filled cake. The metallic drip on top looks to die for!

9. Sunflower Cake

Cake Plaque

This yummy sunflower-themed cake is accented by a single initial cake plaque. Cake plaques come in a variety of options, from single initials to full names.

Looking for more cake plaque ideas?

Simple & Sentimental has a variety of cake plaques available! Don't see what you're looking for? We love custom orders and bringing your ideas to life. Contact us about a custom order!

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