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Wear a Mask Signs for Small Businesses

Wear a Mask Signs for Small Businesses

Mask Signs

Mask Signs for Your Small Business

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many states are mandating that people wear masks while in public. Whether your state has made masks a requirement or you are requesting that customers wear masks in your business, these mask signs are a friendly and branded way to communicate your message.

 The government has provided printable materials for businesses to use, but they are not always appealing to the eye. Many customers see a printed sheet of paper with a lot of words and simply don't read it.

These acrylic signs get straight to the point and include images of masks to make the message clear. The mask signs can also be customized to match the look and feel of your business. 

Customizing Your Mask Signs

To customize the mask signs, you can choose the base color and the secondary color (mask color) of each sign. We offer a variety of colors that can be selected when you purchase your signs.

Using Mask Signs In Your Business

Mask Signs

So where do you put a mask sign? Many of our customers place their mask signs at the reception desk of their business or near a front table. Some businesses have even created "Sanitation stations" complete with hand sanitizer and complimentary masks and added a mask sign to the display.

You can also place mask signs throughout your business to remind people throughout their stay that they need to continue wearing a mask. If you have multiple entrances to your business, you can place a sign at each entryway.

Wear a Mask Y'all

Mask Signs

Mask Signs

Do you own a business in the south? This sign is perfect for providing a friendly reminder to employees, customers, and anyone entering that you'd like them to wear a mask.

This sign is shown with a pink base color and white secondary color.

For Your Safety and Ours

Mask Signs

Mask Signs

Communicate to your employees and patrons that you sincerely care for their health with this mask sign. This sign is shown in light blue with a white secondary color. 

Please Wear a Mask

Mask Signs

This sign gets straight to the point in a polite way. Kindly ask your customers and your team to wear a mask in your business. This sign is shown with a clear base and black secondary color.

Larger Mask Signs

Mask Signs

The mask signs shown earlier each measure at 5"x7". These larger signs measure at 10"x8.5" and are great for larger tables or reception desks.

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