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15 Easter Basket Stuffers Under $15

15 Easter Basket Stuffers Under $15

Today I am going to share 15 of my favorite Easter Basket stuffers under $15! Easter has always been one of my favorite times of year. My mom would get super creative with my Easter Basket and really tailored them to my personality and preference. These items were just some of my favorite things that will last more than a few days.

1. You Are Special by Max Lucado

you are special Max Lucado

This beautiful book is about how each of us are special just the way we are. Great for any age and the illustrations are captivating! Bonus, it is on sale for $12.70 on Amazon!

2. Crayola Chalk: 48 ct.

Crayola Chalk

Chalk can be used for so many other things than just drawing a hopscotch board on your driveway! One idea that I love is using painters tape on your wooden fence to create a tape design, and let your kids color it in with chalk. The 48-count will mean that no kid will be fighting over the same color (hopefully!) and can be snagged at Target for $4.99.

3. Crayola Glitter Dots Keychain

Crayola glitter dots keychain

Glitter with all the fun and none of the mess! This pack comes with 3 different keychains and glitter dots that you just press in to the keychain mold. What a genius way to allow for a fun and clean glitter activity! Grab it on Amazon for $9.99.

4. Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks: 24 ct.

annies bunny fruit snacks

Annie's is one of my favorite brands! Their fruit snacks are gluten free and have 100% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. They also have no artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or high fructose corn syrup. This box comes with four different flavors for $14.99 and is perfect to split up between multiple kids.

5. Uno: Emoji Edition

uno emoji

Uno is a classic card game that can cover a wide range of ages! Amazon has it for $6.44 and even has a few other different editions like Lion King, The Incredibles, and the ever-so-popular Frozen.

6. The Good Egg by Jory John and Pete Oswald

the good egg book

Dynamic duo Jory John and Pete Oswald hatch a funny and charming story that reminds us of the importance of balance, self-care, and accepting those we love (even if they are sometimes a bit rotten). Snag this awesome book on Amazon for $13.99.

7. Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Milk and Cookies Set

play doh milk and cookies

This kit is $9.99 and comes with six Play-Doh colors, two stampers that make textures, and four cookie cutters to create circles, squares, hearts, and stars. It also comes with a milk carton with the Play-Doh extruder rail. It makes 5 different shapes as kids squeeze it out of the carton.

8. Aqua Beads Beginners Studio 

aqua beads beginners studio

Kids are able to use the templates included or free hand designs with the beads! Spray with water, wait 10 minutes for the beads to bond, then peel. These are definitely a lot safer than the Perler beads had to be ironed that were popular when I was growing up! Grab it from Target for $14.99!

9. Sensible Portions Veggie and Apple Straws Variety Pack

veggie straws

I was first introduced to veggie straws as a daycare teacher in college, and I haven't stopped eating them since! Not only are they yummy, but they also are gluten free and have no artificial flavors or preservatives. Kids love them and this pack of 9 is only $14.99!

10. Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs

easter mad libs

Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs features 21 original stories all about celebrating Easter! I consider it a classic Easter Basket stuffer! This book makes the perfect addition to any Easter basket and is great to use on car rides, waiting rooms, and even as an electronic device alternative when going out to eat. Grab it on Amazon for $4.42.

11. What Should Danny Do by Ganit & Adir Levy

what should Danny do

With 9 Stories in 1, the fun never ends! What Should Danny Do? is an interactive book that empowers kids with the understanding that their choices will shape their days and ultimately their lives into what they will be. Written in a "Choose Your Own Story" style, the book follows Danny, a Superhero-in-Training, through his day as he encounters choices that kids face on a daily basis. It's on sale right now on Amazon for $13.19!

12. Lego Creator: Deep Sea

lego deep sea

Lego packs are some of my favorite gifts to give! They help refine those fine motor skills, help kids develop their creative mind, and have children practice following steps in a sequence. This kit is $11.99 and has five different creatures that can be made with the pieces included. There are many different themes of Lego Creator packs available as well.

13. Crayola DIY Hanging Planters

Crayola hanging planters

This kit is $14.99 and comes with everything you need to make 3 mini planters! Perfect for an adult+kid craft or a craft for older kids.

14. Hershey Candy Mix

Hershey candy mix

Of course this list couldn't end without some classic candy in the mix! This candy mix is $9.98 and has all of the classics: Kisses, Reese's (mini and eggs), KitKats, and Robin's Eggs (Whoppers).

15. Smithsonian Rock & Gem Dig

rock and gem dig

This kit is $12.99 and teaches kids how rocks and minerals are formed. Kids also have the chance to "mine" for their own rocks! This kit is a good mix of learning and fun!

I hope these 15 Easter Basket Stuffers under $15 give you some great ideas and starting points for filling those baskets! The finishing touch of course is a personalized Easter Basket tag! Our basket tags are made out of acrylic or wood and is personalized with your child's name either engraved or cut out. They are also study to last year after year! There are lots of design options to choose from. We have everything from bunnies, to chicks, to different patterned Easter eggs! Check out our whole collection here.

flower crown bunny egg with bunny

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