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Free Shipping on All Orders Over $35!


Screen Printing in Greenville and Beyond

Screen Printing in Greenville and Beyond

greenville screen printing

Screen Printing in Greenville NC

A Long Time Coming

Simple & Sentimental is excited to offer screen printing to our local community in Greenville, NC! Many of our local customers have long-requested screen printing be added to the long list of manufacturing and personalization services offered by Simple & Sentimental, and it's finally happening.

We started screen printing out of necessity for some of our largest customers in 2021. After investing in the proper equipment and training for our team, we are ready to roll out screen printing services to our entire customer base and local community here in Greenville, NC.

When looking to see where we expand to next, we start with our existing customers and see what services would be most-useful to them. Both our customers in Greenville, around the country, and abroad had been requesting screen printing services for nearly a year. Most of our customers had poor experiences with screen printers, especially popular nationwide brands, and craved a more customer-focused solution that emphasized quality, customer service, and professionalism. 


Simple & Sentimental's approach to screen printing is all about the customer. We focus on the quality of our screen printing, the efficiency of our turnaround times, the professionalism of our team, and strive for the highest level of customer service. We are honest and transparent with our customers about pricing, inventory, and turnaround times, providing updates throughout the entire ordering process. We are only an email, text, or phone call away! Our customers in Greenville deserve an excellent screen printing and customer experience all around.


See our Screen Printing Services page for pricing! We are here to help, so if you have any questions feel free to email us at

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