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What To Put In A Bridesmaid Proposal Box - 15 Ideas for Box Fillers

What To Put In A Bridesmaid Proposal Box - 15 Ideas for Box Fillers

what to put in a bridesmaid proposal box

What To Put In A Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Bridesmaid boxes are the perfect way to "propose" to your bridesmaids, but what do you put in a bridesmaid proposal box? Today I'm sharing with you some of my favorite ideas for box fillers and unique ideas for bridesmaid proposal gifts! 

Below is a quick list of my favorite thing to put in a bridesmaid proposal box! Keep reading this post to see more details about each item and tips on where to find them!

  • Mini Champagne Bottle
  • Bath Bomb
  • Shower Steamer
  • Candy
  • Jewelry
  • Proposal Card
  • Champagne Glass
  • Wine Tumbler
  • Coffee Mug
  • Pajamas
  • T-Shirt
  • Keychain
  • Picture Frame
  • Candle
  • Hair Ties

Selecting a Box Color Scheme

Before selecting items for your bridesmaid proposal box, choose a color scheme to make sure the items you pick match with one another. This color scheme could be the same as your wedding colors, or you could pick one just for your bridesmaid gifts!

Mini Champagne Bottle

bridesmaid proposal mini champagne bottle labels

You really can't go wrong with bubbles! A mini champagne bottle is the perfect box filler. It doesn't take up much room in the bridesmaid box, and you can easily personalize it with a champagne bottle label. The bottles shown in the photo above are Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato Sparkling Wine!

Bath Bomb

topaz bath bomb

If you know your bridesmaid has a tub at home, bath bombs are a great addition to your bridesmaid boxes!

When it comes to choosing the right bath bomb, I recommend doing research on the brand and choosing the right color to match your box color scheme.

If you can't find a bath bomb that matches the color you are looking for, opt for a neutral color. We have a topaz bath bomb on our shop that's white and copper!

Shower Steamer

shower steamer

If your bridesmaids live in an apartment or don't like taking baths, a bath bomb probably wouldn't be a great addition to their bridesmaid box. If you still want to give them something they can use to relax, a shower steamer is a great option!

They can hang shower steamers in their shower for an aromatic experience. They make a variety of scents and styles for shower steamers, so you can choose your favorite.



Another great box filler is candy! But it doesn't have to be your typical Starbursts or Hershey's chocolate. Sugarfina has a variety of candy options with delicious flavors like the Rosé All Day gummy bears shown above!

You can choose the perfect candy with colors to match your gift box or a flavor you know your bridesmaids will love. 


Kendra Scott Rose Gold Bracelet

Bracelets, necklaces or earrings are a great idea for things to put in your bridesmaid boxes. Depending on the type of jewelry or brand, this item could be the "main part" of your gift, with the rest of the items in the box being less expensive fillers.

The photo above shows an Elaina Rose Gold Bracelet by Kendra Scott. This option is perfect for bridesmaid gifts because you can customize the bracelet to match your wedding colors, and then your bridal party can wear them on the wedding day!

Proposal Card

Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

When you are assembling a bridesmaid box, you have to be sure to include an item that asks the recipient to be your bridesmaid. The perfect way to "propose" is a card! 

These hand foiled cards by Simple & Sentimental can be customized with any wedding role and a variety of foil colors to match your box color scheme.

Champagne Flutes

Personalized Champagne Flutes

Champagne flutes are a useful box filler for bridesmaid gifts because there are so many wedding occasions that call for champagne! Your bridal party can use their custom champagne flutes at your engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, the wedding, and any brunches in between.

These wedding party champagne flutes by Simple & Sentimental are perfect for filling your gift boxes. You can even get a bride champagne flute for yourself to match!

Wine Tumblers

But First Mimosas Wine Tumbler

Custom wine tumblers are trendy for a reason! They are great for keeping wine cold or even coffee warm. You can choose from a variety of colors for the wine tumbler itself, the design color, and the design!

Mix and match wine tumblers to fit each of your bridesmaid's personalities. You can personalize their wine tumbler with their name or a fun quote like this But First Mimosas Wine Tumbler.

Custom Coffee Mugs

monogram coffee mug

Did you really think I could get through this post without something monogrammed? 😂 Insulated mugs like the one in the photo or a classic ceramic mug are great box filler ideas. They're practical and your bridesmaid can use them for years to come!

The monogrammed insulated mug shown above is great for coffee or tea, and has hundreds of personalization options.


bridesmaid pajamas

Personalized pajamas are one of my favorite bridesmaid box fillers. And here's why: they're practical for the wedding, your bridesmaid can wear them after the wedding, and they make for adorable pictures like the one above!

Be sure when you look for pajamas that you select a pair with button up tops. This will make it easier for you and your bridesmaids to change into your dresses after you get your hair and makeup done!

You can also mix and match the colors to match your wedding color scheme. Our wedding party pajamas have tons of font options, color choices, and design styles. Choose a classic monogram, personalize the shorts with their name or title in the wedding, the list goes on!


bridal party shirts

Matching shirts and tank tops are another great clothing option to include in your bridesmaid boxes. Your bridesmaids can wear these at your bachelorette party, on the day of your wedding, or at any other wedding festivities like dress shopping, cake tastings, etc!

The best part about matching shirts is how you can really tailor them to the look and feel of your wedding. You can choose the perfect colors for your tanks or tees with the right font styles, designs, and sayings.

The shirts shown above can be personalized with your wedding hashtag and the girls' different roles in the wedding!


bridesmaid keychains

If you are looking for smaller items to fill your bridesmaid boxes, keychains are a great idea! These leather keychains shown above can be personalized with different wedding titles and colors, making for a great addition to your gifts.

Keychains can be added to your bridesmaid's car keys of course, but they can also be used to personalize tote bags, purses, and more!

Picture Frame

gold picture frame

If you want to include something truly sentimental for your bridal party, a picture is the perfect addition to your proposal boxes. Include a photo of you and your bridesmaid in a stylish picture frame, like the gold picture frame shown above.


rose gold candle

When all else fails, gift your bridesmaids a candle! You really can't go wrong with a candle for their home. Choose a scent they'll love in a jar that matches your box color scheme. 

If you're in a time crunch and don't have time to order online, visit your local TJ Maxx to find a candle to put in your bridesmaid boxes. If you have more time to assemble your boxes, browse online to find a candle that matches your box color scheme.

The rose gold candle shown above is great for boxes with a rose gold or light pink color scheme! It's got a nice floral and pachoulis scent that smells amazing!

Hair Ties

animal print teleties

Last but not least, hair ties are a small but useful box filler. They don't take up much space in the box, but you know your bridesmaid will actually use them! 

Teleties (shown above) are a new and trending type of hair tie. Choose from a variety of colors and prints to match the rest of the goodies in your box!

Putting It All Together

maid of honor proposal box

Now that we've gone over different items to fill your bridesmaid boxes, it's time to assemble them! Choose a box that fits them items you are looking to include. Fill the bottom of the box with tissue paper or crinkle paper for a nice look.

If you are not shipping your gift box, place your items inside right before you present the gift to your bridesmaid. This way the items don't get shuffled around too much and you can have the gift presentation you are looking for!

Ready To Go Bridesmaid Boxes

Assembling a bridesmaid box from scratch can get overwhelming. Luckily, we are here to help! 

Simple & Sentimental offers pre-made bridesmaid proposal boxes that takes the weight off your shoulders. Select your box style, give us your bridesmaid's information, and we'll ship it to their door with a hand written note "proposing" to them for you! No having to pick out the items, assemble the box, go to the post office and ship it, etc!

Shop All Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

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